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Is Windows VPS Hosting a Viable Choice?

Is Windows VPS Hosting a Viable Choice?

Most businesses would agree that Windows VPS hosting is perhaps easier to operate compared to Linux VPS plans. This conception is usually held by users who have never worked with Linux before and are more comfortable depending on Windows VPS hosting for their hosting needs. There is however some truth in this opinion, and although Windows VPS hosting plans may turn out to be far costlier compared to Linux VPS plans, they are known for the support and reliability they offer. VPS hosting is found to be a preferred choice for businesses which need more resources but do not have the funds or technical knowhow to opt for dedicated server hosting. They can upgrade from their basic hosting options and enjoy resources which allow them to install full-fledged websites independently. They can set up e-commerce websites easily without having to spend a fortune on dedicated hosting plans. In choosing VPS hosting, customers have to select from Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting.

Is Windows VPS Hosting a Viable Choice?
Is Windows VPS Hosting a Viable Choice?

How does Windows VPS hosting work?

For windows xp iso please refer to the site which will make the windows plans easier.Like any VPS plans, Windows VPS hosting allows businesses to enjoy a virtual environment residing within a larger physical server which has been partitioned to produce multiple virtual environments.  These hosting plans use Windows interface with Windows server management tools.

Advantages of using Windows VPS Hosting:

  • The greatest advantage of using a Windows interface is that since Microsoft has been around for many years, their software is backed by highly superior experience. The company is able to understand exactly what their clients want and it has had enough time in this industry to figure out solutions to problems that have surfaced from time to time.


  • Microsoft has been investing colossal funds into developing innovative server solutions and has used resources which its competitors have not matched up to. This is why the software is far more advanced and users can benefit from thousands of tutorials and guides which have been designed to help them use Windows VPS hosting seamlessly. The Windows Hyper-V hosting options that are available on 2008 and 2012 versions of Windows is a perfect example of such a useful guide. This has a whole web space which contains videos and tutorials on how you can customize the virtual private server to satisfy your business needs. Moreover, Microsoft lets clients install many programs on its system depending on what is beneficial to the IT personnel.
Is Windows VPS Hosting a Viable Choice?
Is Windows VPS Hosting a Viable Choice?
  • While the extra features offered by Windows VPS hosting may differ from one provider to another, customers can comfortably depend on software like Hyper-V to install these effectively and Microsoft is more than willing to offer support for these.


  • Windows VPS hosting also offers better customer service, informative responses to customer queries and comes out with faster updates.


  • Windows VPS is also preferred because of the time-tested relationship between companies and Windows OS. There are many businesses which operate in a Windows-only environment and use only Windows software and documents to do their tasks.


  • Windows VPS plans are likely to work better with Microsoft products; this automatically lessens worries about data transfers in or out of the server, or matching the data with the other databases.


  • Since interfaces are likely to differ from one VPS provider to the next, it is perhaps easier to get used to the Windows VPS interface. The familiarity with Windows lets you manage or edit or publish content faster. This is because Windows versions will always use the same logic, offering similarly designed icons and tabs which make them more user-friendly for clients who have always used Windows OS.


  • In terms of administration too, Windows VPS hosting is beneficial because it gives more flexible options to administrators, offering them customizability for all settings and full update control. This makes this type of hosting very useful for those IT experts who are keen to arrange their site’s resources to satisfy particular business goals.

These are some important advantages which Windows VPS hosting offer that make it more preferable compared to Linux VPS hosting plans. With more services shifting to the cloud, another advantage of using Windows VPS is that you can now have your office residing in the cloud. These plans can be easily set up with Microsoft office and this lets clients enjoy office VPS from anywhere they may be. This is particularly useful for the small businesses which desire the flexibility and accessibility of being able to use their office computers on the go.